Open the door to your Heart

Living from your Heart
Heart Consciousness Awakening and Expansion

My heartfelt intention is to share with you information, personal consciousness experience, self healing practices and tools to open you up for living and loving from your heart.       Renee

Greetings and Welcome!

To be all of who you are in this human life – we expand to be in place of total self love and acceptance…a journey that unfolds in every moment.

I offer this site and services as a resource and support for self empowerment that comes from a regainment of knowledge of our collective origin, planetary history and understanding ones energetic bodies.  Information shared is from my own personal experiences, unfoldment and interdimensional experiences and connections as well as individual and group sessions over many years.

There is no channeling or outside influence. All is my own direct self, self experience, understanding and perspective and consciousness presence.

For all of us, it is a path of reawakening ourselves out of darkness, lies and control to regain our sovereignty, inner truth meter and heal ourselves from out of balance mental and emotional states. Context, knowledge, personal experience, resonance and self development brings knowingness, self awareness and self direction.

Practical methods, tools, practices, self inquiry, reality checks, deep inner work, commitment and a desire for truth above all else are core components of self empowerment and connecting to your Divine self and purpose.

Living from our heart IS the path to healing ourselves and our planet. Heart Consciousness is the way.  Feeling is healing.

In rapidly moving to a new way of experiencing life on an elevated level, it begins within our heart of hearts. It does take deep personal inner work.  This is the time for great healing of Our hearts as One and as a collective people upon this planet.

This energy, this act of living from the heart is a process and sacred act that lifts all others.  What you do for yourself, you do for all.

We recognize know that love is a powerful force. Science reveals  our heart is way more than just a body part or component.  It leads us. It guides us. It heals without question.  It is part of our Spiritual Core and personal development.

This is our time for the planet, consciousness, our bodies to ascend into higher ways of living, to regain and reclaim our highest potentials.

Our inner most Self is awaiting to emerge.

It is the door to our highest and most wisest aspects.  It is organic.  It is pure.  Conscious participation enhances the journey and increases the awareness to more fulfilling experiences.

Let’s open the door and live from our hearts, now.

New context, awareness and expanded understanding bursts forth now for us to remember who we are and why we are here.  A time of significant change the most people have no information, knowledge or gauge for.

This site is dedicated to this purpose of education, support, assistance and tools for navigating our collective journey of cosmic ascension.

With a full open heart I am here for service.



From my heart to yours – Welcome! Higher Heart Living 

Get out of your head.

Live from your heart.

It is the path of the Higher Heart that leads and guides us all to our Highest expression of ourselves.  See with new eyes. Live in the fullness and brightness of your own Light!

Move from old patterns, paradigms and programs into living your authenticity as an expanding loving being.