With love you are welcomed here.

This space is dedicated and is offered as a support for the ascension process wtih resources, information, reflection of experience, case studies and work in the revolutionary field of consciousness expansion. Each being has the ability and right for direct Creator/God connection and to reclaim ones own body, mind, soul and sovereignty.
Now is a time of great change and challenge in our way of living and being individually and as collective human family.  We see the bringing forth of truths, information and misinformation, technology, imbalances, absurdities, history and more that has been hidden, tainted, denied, rewritten or simply unknown from our awareness. A grand rebirth occurs.  A time of rethinking and refeeling of all we have been taught or thought.  It can be quite overwhelming and stretching our senses and beliefs. It is a return to living from our heart.


We are in a natural process of evolution – Cosmic Ascension.  All things are shifting, changing, rearranging to release patterns and processes that are out of alignment with love, integrity and truth.
And with change comes chaos, questioning, need for inner connection, understanding, context and clarity.
picture created by Sequoia

Cosmic Ascension effects all life and every thing, every one is an important piece of this unfoldment of reconnection to our heart.  No One is left out.  Ones conscious understanding and participation through the process of internal and external transformation brings ease and greater harmony to these constant changes, challenges and bombardments of physical, mental, emotional and spiritual responses and symptoms.
Without understanding, these changes, symptoms and new awareness may be very confusing, painful and full of unnecessary fears, concerns, reactions, misunderstandings and even unknowing resistance to a divine process of empowerment, self healing and reconnection to ones own heart and source. Each person is their own highest authority and of free will.
There are ones here in assistance to reeducate humanity with understanding, context, dialog, experiences and tools to be able to navigate this profound time and make sense of what is happening to ones mind, body, relationship and life expression.  As we have and are experiencing it ourselves through our own personal consciousness experience of inner healing, embodiment, skill building, remembrance, heart expression and growing abilities to be of service to others.