Of Service

Services from the Heart


Individual session

A private session held in person, on the phone or via Skype.

 Safe space held to get past feeling stuck, finding some prospective and clarity to feel more empowered and equipped to make positive changes for self growth.

*  Ascension context and understanding to provide space for ones  unique purpose and contribution, participation, clarity and self empowerment.  Understanding of global, cosmic processes.

*  Ascension essentials and tools, processes, practices, resources, meditations for self growth, self healing and energetic management and self empowerment.

* Space is offered for understanding ascension mechanics, foundational skill building and self mastery.

* HGS sessions are held for identifying, clearing and removing inorganic structures.  For removal of inorganic architecture, implants and assisting with the correction and rebuilding of ones light bodies. Clearing emotional blocks, gaining assistance in understanding ones origin, history and relationship to all things.